In celebration of Julia Child's birthday we curated a menu of dishes that include her personal favorites ad also her most popular recipes. These are classics from the American chef but, with a Meauxbar twist. We do this in honor of all that she contributed to American and French cuisine. 


First Course

“You Don't Have To Cook Fancy Or Complicated Masterpieces - Just Good Food From Fresh Ingredients.” Vichyssoise | Chives, Herb Oil 

Second Course

“Too Many People Are Deathly Afraid Of Their Food.”

Sweetbreads | Fennel, Tomato, Herbsaint 

Third Course

“Such Was The Case With The Sole Meunière I Ate At La Couronne

On My First Day In France, November 1948. It Was An Epiphany.”
Gulf Fish Meunière | Greens, Capers 

Fourth Course

“I Believe in Red Meat. I've Often Said: Red Meat and Gin.”

Beef Bourgogne | Mushrooms, Lardon, Pearl Onions 

Fifth Course

“A Party Without Cake Is Just A Meeting”

Cherry Clafoutis | Black Tea Cream, Toasted Almonds, Cocoa 


5 courses for $60
Reservations for this dinner can be made at anytime throughout the evening and also available at our bar. 

Please book within 24 hours of the dinner.